Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Tiger

Exalted, noble creature,
With primal beauty blest,
A most distinguished animal,
Night stalker ... slumberless.

Nocturnal, silent hunter,
A vision of the night,
Designed by God Almighty,
Defined by pride and might.

August, handsome beast,
In charge and in command,
The olympian of catdom,
That rules the Bengal land.

Cunning, clever, crafty,
Confident, certain, sure,
Dauntless, able, fearless,
Self-reliant, self-assured.

Regal, splendid body,
Of awesome weight and length,
Man in fear of tiger power,
Majestic beast of massive strength.

As created by the Master,
And fashioned by His hand,
Omnipotent, magnificent,
Made, perhaps, to humble man.

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